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Meeting with Dr.Michel Moussa about the UPR
In preparation for the second national report of Lebanon in front of UPR session on Lebanon in the UN Human Rights Council, the Secretary-General of Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, Mohammed Safa and Director of AlKarama Ce

Appeal 2014
Urgent Appeal

Disapprobation statements are no longer enough , it's an terrorist open war, targeting the state and the people and institutions in Lebanon to return to pre- emergence of the state and the economic and so

Palestinian prisoners day
4700 Palestinian and Arab prisoners

We overlooking the seventeenth of April Palestinian Prisoners' Day, and the prisoners the Palestinians and Arabs are engaged in heroic confrontations with Israeli forces inside the prison walls was

Denoucement of Aman Network
Denounced of Aman Network for the rehabilitation of victims of violence and torture in the assassination of Lebanese journalist Ali Shaaban at the NTV television Martyr Syrian army bullets while carrying out his work with the team on t

Safa speesh at HRC 19th session
Human Rights Council
19th session
Agenda item 3
Promotion and protection of all human rights,
civil,political,economic,social and cultural rights,
including the right to development
From 27 February to

Letter to the minister of jucstice
His Excellency the Minister of Justice
Captain Chakib Crdobawi esteemed

The Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture draw your attention to the fact that Lebanon was signed in late 2008, the Optional

UN:Rights Body should Investigate Syrian Grackdown
UN: Rights Body Should Investigate Syrian Crackdown
Reject Syria’s Bid for Human Rights Council Seat

(Geneva, April 29, 2011) – The United Nations Human Rights Council should strongly condemn repression of peaceful

Iraq: Secret Jail uncovered in Baghdad
Iraq: Secret Jail Uncovered in Baghdad
Detainees Describe Torture at Another Facility Also Run by Elite Security Forces

(Baghdad, February 1, 2011) – Elite security forces controlled by the military office of Prime Minis

Liberation des detenus d'opinion a Tunise
TUNISIE : Libération des détenus d’opinion Fahem Boukaddous et Hassan Ben Abdallah

Paris-Genève-Copenhague, le 20 janvier 2011 – L’Observatoire pour la protection des d&ea

Lebanon: Ruling Aids Families of “Disappeared”
BEIRUT November 4, 2009 – A decision by Lebanese judicial authorities is an encouraging first step toward recognizing the right of families of victims of enforced disappearances during the 1975-1990 war era to know what happened to them, five i