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June Activities 2010

Khiam Center Report on June 26 Activities in 2010

In the context of the activities organized by IRCT, the International Council for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture, the United Nations and humanitarian organizations, and on the occasion of June 26, the United Nations Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture (KRC) has organized different activities for several days.

The invitation for these activities has been announced through a press conference for the KRC Secretary General Mr. Mohammad Safa in which he talked about the torture issue, prisons and the activities on this occasion. Mr. Safa also called upon all civil society organizations, all anti-violence and torture, all human rights activists to participate in the activities of June 26 program. Also, he demanded the Lebanese government to issue policies to convict torture and violence and to
reveal fate of the “disappeared”.

1- A Social, Psychological and Medical Day for Iraqi refugees in Baalbeck.
In cooperation with IRD, The International Relief and Development, KRC has organized a psychological and Medical Day in the Ministry of Social Affairs in Rass el Ein, Baalback. The purpose of this event was to reinforce the entrepreneurship skills of the Iraqi refugees and to support them.
After checking up and giving medications to 29 Iraqi persons, a discussion session was held in which Iraqi refugees shared their concerns and complaints about their critical situations in Iraq and the difficulties that they are facing.
2- A workshop on the Oral and Physical Domestic Violence within the family.
On June June 15, KRC has organized a workshop on the different kinds of violence in which Lebanese women are put through and the way of handling this problem. The workshop has covered the policies that are related to violence in the region of the Southern Village Houla. 16 persons participated in the workshop. Within the workshop, the women who shared in the hair dressing training session which was held in May 2010, were graduated.
3- A Social, Psychological and Medical Day in Baabda Prison.
On June 18, KRC organized a Medical, Social, and Psychological Day in Baabda Prison. During this day, the doctors of Khiam Center (a dermatologist and a public health doctor) provided examinations, medicines and health recommendation to 72 female prisoners. The social workers and psychologist of the center held different activities, which included a lecture about the importance of personal hygiene cleanliness inside the prison, haircuts and gifts were offered to the prisoners.
4- Commemorate the international day in the Lebanese press syndicate.
Under the project of supporting the Iraqi refugees in Lebanon and in the purpose of enforcing the initiative spirit among them, the Khiam Center held a press conference, in the presence of the Iraquee Consulate in Lebanon, a group of Iraquee refugees and local NGOs, where he presented live testimonies about the miserable conditions of the refugees and presented a film that reveals their struggles
5- A social, psychological and health day event to support the freed detainees and their families in the house of the Lebanese detainee.
On June 26, 2010, Khiam Center organized a Medical Day for the freed detainees and their families in the rural Southern Village, Der Siryan, where they benefited from free treatments and medications. The doctors that took part in the event (dermatologist, public health doctor, surgeon, gynecologists, and cardiologist) provided free examinations to 69 freed detainees and their families (direct and indirect beneficiaries).
6- Workshop on “Women in the Lebanese Prison, Reality and Fate”.
On June 24, 2010, Khiam Center organized a workshop in Commodore Hotel, Hamra, in the presence of 20 representatives of the different local NGOs concerned about women prisoners, General Ashraf Rifi (general director of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces) and a representative of the ministry of Justice.
The workshop presented and discussed the situation of female prisoners in the Lebanese prisons and covered the following issues:
a. Their suffering
b. Their rehabilitation
c. Their merging in society
d. Making prisons a place to reform and not to learn new criminal techniques that they didn’t know before entering the prison
e. Demanding the Lebanese government to form a national prevention mechanism to control the prisons
In the end, there was an open discussion in which the participants took part and presented their suggestions and recommendations
7- Solidarity Day with the Palestinians and Arab detainees in the Israeli prisons in front of the International Commission of the Red Cross Headquarter.
On June 25, 2010, Khiam Center organized a sit-in in front of the International Red Cross Headquarter in solidarity with the Palestinians and Arab detainees in the Israeli prisons. Around 50 persons participated from different parties: A delegation of the children of withstand, representatives of the assembly of Lebanese Democratic Women, a delegation of the Palestinians factions in Lebanon and the mothers of the detainees and the missing people
The Secretary General Mr. Mohammad Safa delivered a speech in which he spotted the light on the problems of the detainees and the catastrophic conditions they are enduring while being detained in the Israeli prisons. He stressed that this case is of International human interest and all the world should move to save thousands of prisoners and detainees in the Israeli prisons. He also called for the continuous support to this case.
In the name of the Palestinian detainees, Mr. Safa called all the Palestinians factions and forces to unify and work together. Mr. Safa greeted the souls of all the prisoners and detainees who died in the Israeli prisons.
In the end, Mr Safa handed over a note to Ms. Samar El Kadi, the press responsible of the official media of the International Commission of the Red Cross, addressed to the head of the mission
8- Organized a sit-in titled “Against Violence, Against Torture” in Sehet el Tal in Tripoli.
On June 25, 2010, Khiam Center organized a sit-in at Sehet El Tal in Tripol. Many parties shared in this event including the freed detainees, the mothers of the missing people, marginalized young ladies, vulnerable housewives & homeless kids, who demanded their lost forgotten rights and refused all kinds of violence whether it was oral, physical, psychological or economic. They also claimed the application of the legislation that protect women and their children from men abuse and demanded the issue of a legislation that allows women to give nationality to their non-Lebanese children.
During the event, some participants talked about their painful experience:
- A Lebanese mother of 5 children, married to a non-Lebanese man, who obviously can’t give her husband or her children the Lebanese nationality, is suffering because she can’t even enroll her children in a public school. The only official documents that she’s got are their birth certificates.
- A young 20 year old lady who was tortured and abandoned by her own parents. She lost her childhood between moving from her grandfather’s house to her uncle’s and vice versa. She lost love, sympathy, and tenderness that she was longing to. Today, this young lady, tears in her eyes, is asking: “how can I recover and make up my lost childhood?”

During the event, Ms. Nariman Abboud, KRC representative in North Lebanon, delivered a speech demanding an official civil campaign against torture and violence and the amendment of Personal Status Law.
In addition, Khiam Center issued and distributed brochures, pamphlets and flyers to raise awareness against torture, presented documents to IRCT and broadcasted an announcement against enforced disappearance and torture on radio station of Sawt el Shaab. 


    The Schedule of June Activities

• 10th of June (Thursday): a press conference to announce the program of activities in the Lebanese Press Syndicate at 11:00am.
• 12th of June (Saturday): A medical, psychological, and social day in support of Iraqi refugees in Baalbek, at 10 am.
• 15th of June (Tuesday): A training session entitled "Verbal and
Physical Violence” in Hula at ten 10:00 am.
• 18th of June (Thursday):
- a workshop on the needs of female prisoners.
- Variety of activities Baabda Prison.
. From 9:00 am till 2:00 pm
• 18th of June (Friday): Celebrate The International Day for Refugees and announce the center’s report about Internship Program for the Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon and their tragic conditions in Lebanon, in the Lebanese Press Syndicate, at 11:00 am.
• 20 June (Sunday): A social medical day for the freed detainees and their families. The day includes a variety of activities in the house of the Lebanese Detainee, Deir Seryan Village.
• 24 June (Thursday): A workshop on the conditions of female prisoners in the Lebanese prisons in Commodore Hotel at 10:00 am.
• 25 June (Friday): A sit-in in the Headquarter of the International Committee of Red Cross in solidarity with Palestinian and Arab detainees in Israeli prisons and the issue of missing persons, in Sadat- Revenue, at 11:00 am.
• 25 June (Friday): A sit-in, under the title "against violence - against torture," in Tal yard, Tripoli at 11:00 am.
• 1 July(Thursday): a press conference to announce the achievements of the Medical, psychological, and Social assistance Project funded by the European Union, in the Lebanese Press Syndicate, at 11:00 am.