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World Day Against Enforced Disappearance

Mohammad Safa’s speech in The World Day Against Enforced Disappearance

We stand here before the International Red Cross Committee, honoring the 30th of August, The World Day Against Enforced Disappearance. Let us join forces with all international institutions and organizations, and the families of the kidnapped all over the world, as a reminder of their cause and as a sign of solidarity with their families, and to demand an unveiling of their fate.
Today there are mothers, families, children, and friends of those missing crying out for the truth and justice for the victims, and for keeping the instigators of the kidnapping operations from getting away without punishment.
Today is for demanding to know the fate of those who disappeared, wherever they hail from. Kidnapping is a crime against humanity, a crime that goes too far, knowing no boundaries, and whose effects reach the families of those who disappeared and the community in general.
The United Nations adopted the international decree for the protection of all individuals against enforced disappearance in 18/1/1992. This decree confirmed that every act of enforced disappearance is a crime against human dignity and a breach of basic human rights and of freedoms listed in the international decree of human rights.
No country has the right to perform enforced disappearance operations, permit or overlook them.
August 30th is a day for demanding that the fate of our sons be revealed, and that governments –and the Lebanese government of course- approve the international agreement for the protection of all individuals from enforced disappearance, and for integrating this agreement within the national Lebanese constitution as a crime against humanity, and cooperating with the team in charge concerning enforced disappearances in the United Nations, and with the International Red Cross committee for investigating all kidnapping operations and the revealing of the victims’ fate.
In this day we remember all of those who were kidnapped. We condemn their kidnapping, we protest the atrocities committed against them, and we stand beside their families. We demand that the international community give this cause serious attention by searching for the missing and compensating the families, apologizing to them and keeping the criminals from getting away with the kidnapping without punishment.
The cause of missing individuals no longer just concerns their families and children, but is a fight for human rights, justice, fairness, and an end to the harrowing violation of human rights and the protection of democratic freedoms.
In this day, we remember the martyrs who perished by torture in prisons, and we renew our demand for a true and just investigative committee that acts as a national institution for a solution that deals with the root of the problem of missing people in Lebanon, not to mention many other countries.
In August 30th and after August 30 we must remember those missing, all of them, whether they come from Lebanon or any other part of the world.