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Solidarity with Egypt by the Arab Women Forum
In solidarity with Egypt
A Statement by AISHA -The Arab Women Forum
February 2011
Hail to the Glory, Liberty, Democracy and Social Justice that are brought back to Egypt by the people's revolution
The wind of change that was triggered by the Tunisian Jasmine Popular Revolution for democracy and social justice has arrived to Egypt. The Egyptian people, with all its sectors and social strata have revolted against the rotten dictatorship that is still oppressing the popular upheaval by isolation through closing communication with the outside world and committing crimes that caused the killing and wounding of tens and hundreds of innocent citizens.
The Egyptian regime is not responding to the popular demands that request the stepping down of the head of the regime in order to bring forth democratic changes with liberty and social justice. Egyptians are calling for a democratic constitution, a free and fair election, a civil and secular state that is based on full equality and citizenship, with no discrimination on the basis of religion or sex.
Regretfully, the Egyptian regime has not learned the lesson of the glorified people's experience in Tunis, who is still carrying on the un abating struggle against the new government that came as a result because it is still an extension in a way or another to the old regime in spit of the leave of the head of the regime.
Peoples who fight for freedom do not accept compromises. The moment they revolt, there is no retreat till liberty, democracy, and independence prevail away from the imperialist domination.
We, in the Arab Women Forum – AISHA, salute the glorified people of Egypt, especially its youth and women, who are facing the oppression with physical sacrifice for as a token to freedom and democracy.
We condemn the brutal oppression of the Egyptian demonstrators in the public squares. We call for interference to stop the massacres against the civilian protesters and for sending those who commit the crimes and support them to courts.
The US around-the-clock maneuvers with Natanyaho government in Israel to contain the Egyptian popular upheaval for the benefit of the already experienced traditional groups in Egypt, for the last 30 years, cannot deceive the people and its alert forces who form a fence for protecting the continuation of the upheaval.
We, in the Arab Women Forum-AISHA, express solidarity with Egyptian Women Organizations and feminists who are in the front lines of the upheaval.
We shall go forward in mobilizing Arab and international support to the struggle of the Egyptians for democracy and social justice.
We declare solidarity with our Egyptian comrade sisters who are struggling for democratic change and for a state of social justice not a state of emergency laws.
A salute to the people of Egypt and its great revolution! A salute to all the fighters for liberty, democracy and social justice