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Regional seminar
From the 18th till the 21st of October 2010, the regional seminar on “Quality Management” for rehabilitation centres in MENA and North Africa was held in Beirut at Bella Riva Hotel by Dr. Mawlay Ahmad Al Douraidy. The main objectives of the training were to:

1- Emphasize on the importance of quality assurance and its processes in rehabilitation centers for victims and survivors of torture
2- Accompany the project’s actors to ensure tools development and to assess the quality of activities
3- Train the participants on how to collect quality indicators
4- Help the participants realize the need for analyzing qualitative data by tracking indicators
5- Accompany the actors to develop avancées répliques hublot classic fusion necessary work methods and procedures for the centers’ proper functioning to ensure quality services and good projects governance
6- Agree on the program’s components of the directory to ensure the quality of rehabilitation centers for victims of torture
7- Agree on the procedures’ components of the manual to ensure good governance

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- Develop a plan to ensure that quality standards are respected in rehabilitation centers
- Benefit from trainings to promote the centers to the desired level (especially the ones that cover governance and management)
- Contribute to the development of the beneficiaries’ skills and programs
- Identify quality of work and learn new skills in the field of rehabilitation of torture victims
- Exchange experiences with the participants in relation with the centers and projects management
- Come up with mechanisms and recommendations that lead the centers to quality services
- Identify the other centres’ experiences of improving the level of service provided to victims
- Enhance management in the field of administrative and organizational development
- Improve learning related to writing reports, grant proposals and good governance