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26 June 2010
Workshop on “Women in the Lebanese Prison, Reality and Fate”.
KRC organized a workshop about the miserable situations of female prisoners. General Ashraf Rifi (general director of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces), local NGOs, and a representative of the ministry of Justice attended the workshop.
The workshop presented and discussed the situation of female prisoners in Lebanese prisons and covered the following issues:
a. Their suffering
b. Their rehabilitation
c. Their merging in society
d. Making prisons a place to reform and not to learn new criminal and illegal techniques which they were not aware of before entering the prison
e. Demanding the Lebanese government to form a national prevention mechanism to control prisons
In the end, there was an open discussion in which participants took part and presented their suggestions and recommendations which were mostly directed to the Lebanese government and inviting it to form a national prevention mechanism to control prisons.
Suggestions and Recommendations:
• Amend the texts of the Lebanese Penal Code because the long-standing settings are no longer consistent with the changes that took place in the country and with reality
• Resolve the overcrowding problem in Lebanese prisons, as solving the overcapacity is a first and primordial step in their reform process
• Work on developing and implementing a comprehensive reform plan that covers the different health, psychological and social.
• Implement a plan to follow up on prisoners after their release and sort out a kind of sponsorship to guaranty their non return to prison
• Study and examine the prisoners’ status and the circumstances that led him to commit the offense and develop an action plan to support and resolve the problem accordingly
• Develop a law on implementation of sanctions in place
• Adopt sanctions that are alternative to imprisonment
• Support NGOs that are working in prisons to enable them pursuing their work
• Implement special programs for prisoners and change the society’s negative perception of Lebanese prisons
• Invite the Ministry of Education to raise awareness in schools about prisoners rights
• Apply and respect the international prisoners rights and legislations that fight violence and torture
• Submit a study to the Prime Minister related to prisons so he takes notice of the traumatic reality in Lebanese prisons.