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Libyan Peopole Under Guillotine
Libyan People Under Guillotine

In one of the worst disasters witnessed by humanity, represented in what is currently happening in Libya by the hands of Libyan security forces and many of the revolutionary committees (thugs) as well as groups of African snipers committing a genocide crimes. In addition, the security forces launched anti-aircraft missiles that target civilians in their homes. The Program followed up what has happened to the civilians yesterday after being shot during the march of a funeral. Media sources and witnesses described the attacks as a massacre noting that number of death so far - according to them - are more than 300 people dead and nearly than 3000 wounded in only four days.

Yesterday evening in Benghazi, the security forces and the snipers continued shooting live bullets and missiles on the demonstrators, causing the death of 50 people and 100 injured. An activist in Benghazi noted -according to medical sources in Al Gallaa hospital in Benghazi - that more than 300 dead in refrigerators, stressing on the continuation of demonstrations of dozens of people in front of the headquarters of Benghazi North Court till the fall out of the Libyan regime. Today, medical sources declare the death of 61 people in clashes between Libyan security and demonstrators in the Libyan capital.

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists seeks to introduce to the whole world this black war waged by the regime against the Libyan people, who only demand his rights guaranteed by international conventions.

In this regard, the Program calls for the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Watch, as well as all Arab and international human rights organizations to immediately move to monitor and follow-up to shed the light upon the abuses practiced by the Libyan regime against the defenseless people.