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Security Councel Resolution...Decision of Execution of Libya
URGENT - Libya
Security Council Resolution ... Decision of Execution of Libya

In its emergency meeting to review the situation in Libya, the Security Council issued a resolution of banning Al-Gaddafi, nine of his family members and six of his close acquaintances of travel, in addition to the freeze of their the financial assets of Gaddafi and four of his sons.

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists believes that this decision represents a blow to the Libyan people as the ban of Al-Qaddafi of travel and his prevention from escaping will aggravate his ferocity in the face of the People's Revolution. This resolution has reduced the options before him but the resolution he mentioned in his speech, five days ago, that he will fight to the last bullet and the last drop of blood in a continued bloody war against the Libyan people.

In his speech, two days ago, Al-Qaddafi announced that he might open the stores of weapons in front of the Libyan tribes to quell the rebels and to overcome and this may resulted in bloody war.

In spite of the appreciation for the Council to hold an emergency meeting to review the situation in Libya, the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists is concerned over the decision taken in this regard that might threat the safety of Libyan citizens and their lives.

Moreover, the Program re-appeals to the Security Council to take the necessary action, with taking into consideration the lives of citizens and their safety and to refer Al-Gaddafi to an international trial for the crimes committed against the Libyan people.