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Winds of change up to Oman
Cairo 03/03/2011

Winds of Change Up To Oman
Demands for Reform, Fight against Corruption and Freedom of Civil Society

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists is following up the movement of change in the Arab region, started from Tunisia and Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain, Libya and Algeria up to Oman. On Sunday February 27, 2011, the revolution has broken out in "Sahar" region. Protesters blocked all roads lead to the Sahar Port, the industrial zone close to it and the oil refinery factories. The security forces faced these demonstrations by force, tear gas and live bullets, which resulted in six dead and more than twenty injured. The revolution escalated to reach a number of Omani cities like Zifar, Sour, Jaalan and Bani Abu Ali burning a shopping center, a police station and the Office of the workforce.
The demonstrators raised slogans demanding justice in the distribution of the wealth of the country as well as vacancies of jobs for the unemployed and the insurance of freedom of trade unions and civil society organizations. On the other side, yesterday, Sultan Qaboos met with members of Shura Council to consider the demands of the demonstrators and to work to achieve them.
The Program emphasizes the right of the people of Oman to fight against corruption and to bring about a democratic transition that allow them to participate in the authority according to a real democratic constitutional system.
The Program re-asserts that the Arab people took off the cloak of fear and raised up to retrieve their legitimate rights which is deprived from them throughout the long past decades and confirms that there is no way to zip the mouths or to eliminate the revolutions prevailed here and there but through the achievement of true democracy and the fight against corruption and the prosecution of its symbols.