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Syria:Haitham Al Maleh released
Syria: Haitham Al-Maleh released
08 March 2011

Haitham Al-Maleh, a prominent Syrian human rights defender, was released from Damascus Central Prison (Adra prison) today and finally reunited with his family. Al-Maleh was released following a presidential amnesty freeing certain prisoners, including those over the age of 60.

Al-Maleh and 12 other political prisoners detained in Adra prison went on a hunger strike yesterday, Monday 7 March 2011, in protest at their detention and the systematic violation of civil and political rights in Syria. Though Haithem Al-Maleh was released, the other 12 individuals, including Anwar al-Bunni, Kamal Labwani, Ismail Abdi, Ali Al Abdullah and Kamal Sheikho remain in detention. Alkarama calls for the release of these and all political detainees in Syria.