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Urgent appeal to the UN to protect the peopole of Bahrain
Urgent Appeal
Bahrainis urgent appeal from the threat of foreign army from outside the border

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the distinguished
Secretary-General of the United Nation

We, the people of Bahrain, and when we came out to claim our rights guaranteed by international covenants in a peaceful and civilized manner, our demands were faced with campaigns of systematic violence by the Bahrain's security services, military, and by their affiliates.

The most dangerous development as we write this urgent appeal is the serious threat of Saudi and Gulf military forces entering Bahrain to confront the unarmed and civilian people of Bahrain, which means that the people of Bahrain are in real grave danger threatened by these force to wage war by the army of gunmen against Bahraini nationals and declare a state of war. We consider the entry of any soldier or military vehicles to the territory of the Kingdom of Bahrain land, air and marine as an occupation to the sovereign Kingdom of Bahrain, and a conspiracy against the defenseless people of Bahrain that is contrary to international conventions and norms in peace and war.

In view of this, we call upon the international community to assume responsibility for international peace and security in an urgent manner and protect the people of Bahrain from the risk of foreign military intervention, and to act urgently to prevent any recruits or military vehicles from entering the territory of Bahrain, and take action to protect civilians. We call for an immediate invitation of the Security Council to convene on this subject matter of urgency.

Political associations and the National Coalition

Urgent Appeal
Urgent Appeal to the UN to Protect the People of Bahrain from Foreign Armed Forces

To: H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
UN Secretary General
The United Nations Headquarters, New York

Dear UN Secretary-General

When we, the people of Bahrain, went out demanding our legitimate rights in a peaceful and civilized
manner, as per international human rights conventions, we were met by systematic brutal violence by
security, military and militia forces funded by the government.
While writing this urgent appeal, the most critical development and threat facing the people of Bahrain
is the serious and real danger of Saudi and other GCC foreign armies confronting unarmed civilians. This
grave danger of foreign military intervention means that a war is being waged on the people of Bahrain
without a declaration of war by any party. We consider the entrance of any foreign military forces into
the borders of the Kingdom of Bahrain – whether air, land or sea – a foreign occupation and a flagrant
violation of the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Bahrain and a conspiracy against its unarmed people. This
foreign intervention violates all international treaties, conventions and declarations concerning war and
We the undersigned urgently appeal to the international community to ensure the safety and security
of the people of Bahrain from the grave threat of foreign military
intervention; and hence call on a

Security Council meeting to address this critical matter urgently

Political Societies and the National Coalition of Bahrain

Al Wefaq National Islamic society
National Democratic Action Society
Progressive Democratic Tribune
Nationalist Democratic Rally Society
Islamic Action Society
Al-Ekha National Society
National democratic Assemblage
National Coalition