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June 26, 2011 Program Activities
  • On 14/6/2011 a center for rehabilitation of refugees from Denmark will visit Khiam Center at one o’clock.
  • On 18/6/2011 Danish delegation's visit to the former Khiam detention camp at ten.
  • On 19/06/2011 a healthy and psychosocial day to support the former detainees and their families with the participation of the Danish delegation, which includes doctors and specialists at the Beit al Asir in the town of Dersryan at ten o'clock.
  • On 24/6/2011 KRC will host a workshop, Fighting Against Torture, How to Use Social Media and Technology in New Ways.
  • Medical, social, and psychological activities in Lebanese prisons Baabda, Tyre, Tibnin.
  • Media, radio, and television messages that Poverty is Torture, Sectarianism is Torture, Discrimination is Torture.
  • Print brochures and posters to publicize this event.
  • On 26/6/2011 Organize a sit in front of Parliament and Government under the slogan Poverty is Torture, Sectarianism is Torture, and Discrimination is Torture calling laws to recognize torture, sectarianism, discrimination, and violence against women as crimes. In addition, the sit will call the government to create laws that acknowledge that these issues are criminal.