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The increase of violations against human rights defenders in Lebanon
Escalated in recent harassment, arrests and puissantes blancpain fausses montres restrictions on freedom of expression and defense of human rights in Lebanon, where such an activist in the International organization “AlKarama” researcher Saad Shatila in the July 25, 2011 in front of military intelligence for questioning about the documented cases of torture in Lebanese prisons, was released on the same day after seven hours of investigation.
The recall of the activist Saad Eddin Shatila is a violation of the UN Declaration of 1998 on human rights defenders, which stated that the responsibilities of the state to protect them against any risk they may be exposed as a result of their work. He is also a violation of human rights and the intimidation and practices are unacceptable, as it was rather the Lebanese authorities to investigate allegations of torture rather than to investigate human rights activists and defenders of human rights.
It is noted that the pace of human rights violations against human rights defenders have increased in Lebanon. The musical Zeid Hamdan was arrested in July 27, 2011 against the background of the song "Gen. Suleiman," which he issued two years ago. As has been claimed for several months on a number of young men on the back of the dissemination of criticism against the president of the republic through the Facebook site, and in early 2011 was called Sheikh Hassan Ismail Al Huskria in court over an article criticizing the siege of Naher al-Bared
On June 31, 2011 made the Lebanese internal security forces brillantes fausses audemars piguet haute joaillerie, claiming against the activist and defender of prisoners Roumyeh ,Aqeel Ali Khalil and his charge to promote the images of torture in prison in Roumyeh. And on August 2, 2011, while a group of young women and young Lebanese sit in front of the Syrian embassy in Beirut to protest the massacres in Syria
The protestors were beaten with knives and iron bars of civic groups, where injured 7 people seriously injured, including a democratic activist Ghassan Makarem, without moving equipment Lebanese security to protect the protesters.
The military intelligence had made with the Director-General of the Palestinian Ghassan Abdullah in October 9, 2010 on the Organization's membership in the European Mediterranean Network for Human Rights on 11 May 2011, Ghassan Abdullah prevent from entering the Naher al-Bared.
On 22 March 2011 to open the Public Prosecutor Saeed Mirza to achieve the right of the Lebanese Center for Human Rights made after the Amal Movement, a political party complaint against the center because of its publication in the February 10, 2011 report on the detainees were tortured by members of the Amal movement.
As exposure to mass media, journalists and photographers with beatings and attacks on educational institutions and the storming of a prison in Rome April 2, 2011 and killed four prisoners, and the shooting of civilians in the area of Tyre because of seizing public lands.
In addition of the sectarian fragmented structure of society and put Lebanon in front of the furnace of security and political tensions, the sectarian is the worst violation of human rights and abuse of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Movement of human rights in Lebanon to a decline in violations escalate against human rights defenders and affects citizens and prisoners, Palestinian refugees and foreigners, which requires the Lebanese authorities to desist from such practices and respect for public liberties and stop the constriction against human rights activists and a commitment to conventions and treaties ratified by Lebanon and incorporated into domestic law.
The Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims demand of the Human Rights Council at its current accountability Lebanon for such violations and demand of the Lebanese government to stop pursuits against defenders of human rights and respect for freedom of opinion and expression and the right of assembly and demonstration.