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Misdemeanors courts of Bahraini Medics
Misdemeanors Courts of Bahraini Medics
After three trails in the special military court for the medical misdemeanor cases , the first civil court was conducted yesterday 31st of October 2011.
The Court of the National Safety had decided earlier referral 28 of the medics to the civil courts. These are : Sadiq Jafar Radi, Aref Ali Rajab, Abdalshahyd Ibrahim Fadl, Hassan Ali Al-Safi, Mohammed Ali Fateel, Nabil Hamid Ali, Nayara Ali Sarhan, Kholood Ahmed Derazi , Sadeq Abdulla Ahmed, Jaafer Salman Ahmed , Ibrahim Hassan Damstani, Dunia Al Sayed Ali Al Hashemi, Hani Moosa Al Asowed, Sayed Adnan Mohammed Attia, Jalila Jawad Al A'ali, Jamila Abdul Hussain Jassim, Nihad Nabel Al Shirawi , Ali Ahmad Issa, Abdul Karim Abdullah Saleh, Amin Jaffe Abdullah , Kholood Ali Al Sayyad, Abdul Hussain Ali Ibrahim, Hamza Hussein Issa, Abdul Ameer Abdullah Salman, Ali Saeed Abdullah, Nabeel Hassan Tammam, Ibrahim Hassan Ali, Abdullah Mohammed Al Derazi.
Yesterday, 18 of the cadre had attended the court, and all of them had denied all the charges .
The Military Prosecution charged the accused from 1 to 10, 12 and 13 and from 16 to 20 and 22 and 24 and from 26 to 28 charges of broadcasting news and false statements about the number of patients and the type of injuries with their knowledge of its lies and this could affect the public security, in addition of spreading horror and damage to the public.
The prosecution had accused as well 1, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 19 and 26 that they knew and others about felonies and misdemeanors committed for purposes of terrorism and they did not inform the authorities.

In addition , prosecutors charged the defendants 1 and 3 and from 4 to 8 and 12 and from 15 to 17 and from 19 to 21, 23, 24, 26 and 28 that they and others incited hatred the regime in public places through banners, speeches, and publishing via websites.

The prosecutors had been also accused 2 and 12 of incitement with others in public place the hatred of certain sector of people. And accused of 8 and 12 that they were in their capacity as public servants as doctors in the SMC had used with others the functionality in their power to disable the provisions of laws and government regulations.
The accused number eight charges of incitement with others working in the SMC on the non-compliance with the law and enhanced the crime of refrain from work.
The prosecution had accused all defendants except number 22 , the charges of participating in a gathering composed of more than 5 people in purpose of committing crimes and attacks on people and public property and disrupting public safety, in addition to participating in rallies without notifying the competent authorities.

The defendants in their capacity as 11 and 12, with others working in the accidents and emergency, they declined to relief for people they called them for their treatment, without any justification.

The prosecution had accused as well 13 and 18 and 22 that they had knives without a justification of the need to make it personal or professional, and committed the crime to terrorize innocent people.
The public prosecutor had informed the Court of Minor Criminal to waive charges of incitement to hatred of the regime , broadcasting false news and incitement to refrain from job duties, directed against 28 medics, while the court decided to postpone the case to the 12 December 2011, in order to access and deliver a copy of the papers of the case.
For its part, the defense of the medics had asked for lifting the ban on travel and the see the files in order to provide evidence.