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ٌReport of the workshop
In the framework of the NSA project funded by the European Union, in partnership with the IRCT and in the occasion of International Day for Human Rights, December 10, Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, organized a workshop entitled "an open dialogue on the national plan and the Arab spring" on November 24, 2011 at the eleventh hour in the Holiday Inn down.
Attended the workshop: the representative of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, representative of the secretary-general of public security, representatives from the Ministry of Education, a representative of the Palestinian embassy in Lebanon and representatives from the municipality of Haret Hreek in addition to representatives from the following associations: Women Democratic Gathering Society, Dareb Al Wafaa for the disabled, the Association of justice and mercy, Al Karama, a representative from UNIFIL, a representative of the Lebanese Business Council, the World Organization for Human Rights as well as lawyers and social workers.
The workshop was opened by the Lebanese national anthem and then the secretary-general of Khiam Center give his speech then we have interventions have been put by the participants in the workshop.
The discussion centered on the National Plan for Human Rights, where the participants said that after the recommendations were sent by the association no one knows what happened to the association did not call any meeting of the later and that this plan is not a comprehensive set priority. And the plan can proceed from the fact that it address all the issues and to be comprehensive and include the rights to all the Lebanese and refugees Palestinians, Sudanese and foreign workers on Lebanon on the basis of equality, and need to work on human rights education, the environment and civil rights, care for persons with disabilities and their families, workers' rights, the protection of defenders of human rights. And be preventive mechanism to prevent torture and has a separate budget of its own and that the form of civil society.
As well as the draft lasted 4 years until released and not comprehensive.
There was intervention considered that the human rights situation in Lebanon back as well as freedoms are not investigating the torture happening in Lebanese prisons for that has been proposed that allows for NGOs and the media access to the Lebanese prisons, and that each ministry developed a program of work within the prisons to re-arrange the conditions in prisons of Lebanon.
As for women's rights must be included in the National Plan for Human Rights Act in addition to the death penalty.
The Public Security issued a booklet given to foreign workers in Lebanon on arrival includes the rights and numbers to contact in case of exposure to violence or torture, in addition to the existence of a new law for disable Lebanese person are studied, a tax exemption or the State shall submit a foreign worker for a family with disabilities.
Safa provided an intervention, which is that there is a marginalization of civil society, as happened in the UPR For civil society recommendations and the implementation mechanism, and that civil society is not united and there must be coordination through monthly meeting between the associations to follow the human rights situation in Lebanon.