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Justice for the activist Ali Aqil Khalil
On June 26, 2011 International Day in Support of Victims of Torture,the Ambassador of the International Organization for Human Rights Ali Aqil Khalil held a press conference in which he presented photographs of cases of torture in Roumyeh prison , on 31/6/2011 issued a Public Relations Division of the Directorate General of Internal Security Forces issued a statement in which it denied the in the words of activist Ali Akil Khalil and transmit the file to the judiciary and the prosecution of Mr. Khalil to provide the media false information, wasn'ta arrest warrant, and will be represented in the February 8, 2012 to investigate before the President of the Military Court in Beirut.
We note that Mr. Ali Khalil is to investigate after a series of investigations with activists from local and international organizations issued reports about torture in Roumyeh prison like:
Scholar Saad Eddin Shatila representative of the World Association of dignity.
The trial of Ali Akil Khalil is a violation of human rights and blatant assault on human rights defenders, Torture in Romyeh prison does not need pictures, the officials statements of the Ministers of Interior and Public Health after there visits to Roumieh prison on 24.01.2012 on the tragic situation of the prisoners is an affirmation to the previously announcement Ali Akil Khalil and prove all reports issued by the humanitarian organizations about Roumyeh prison and Lebanese prisons.
Was rather the investigation of cases of torture in prison, not with Romyeh and activists who provided the media or documented cases tortured.
Was rather to investigate the prison administration about how to enter drug and machetes, was rather investigate the massacre that led to the killing of 4 prisoners in the April 2, 2011.
Today, on the occasion of the appearance of activist Ali Aqil Khalil of the trial on February 8, we consider an assault trial on human rights activists .
Therefore, we call all the defenders of human rights and against torture in Lebanon and in the world to seek justice for Ali Aqil Khalil, a claim the Lebanese government to desist from prosecuting human rights activists and to fulfill its obligations to the Human Rights Council to protect human rights activists in Lebanon and the promotion of human rights, and the criminalization of torture.