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The enforced disappearances in Lebanon
The enforced disappearances in Lebanon
Year 2011 saw the return of enforced disappearances was kidnapping Syrian thinker Shibley Aisami.
The Syrian scholar and intellectual, Shibley Aisami, was kidnapped on April 27, 2011. Mr. Aisami was walking near his home on Flower Street, Aley, Lebanon when he disappeared. His family announced the kidnapping in a statement on April 27, 2011, in a Lebanese newspaper. The victim, 86 year old Shibley Aisami was born in 1925. He is from Syria and has a long history in fighting for freedom and he became the Deputy for the President of Syria in 1966.
His family called the Lebanese government to investigate his case. Up to this point no information has been released regarding this case. The Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture condemns the kidnapping of Mr. Aisami and considers it to be a crime against humanity, and a violation to life, calls for increased national and international efforts to acquire knowledge regarding Mr. Aisami’s surroundings. The Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture hopes that the UN team working on enforced disappearances will help us with this issue.
Shibley Aisami add his name to the list of missing persons who have spent the sit in front of UN building 6 years without attention to official Lebanese and international order, but noted the decline in interest in this case because of the indifference of the Lebanese government.
The return of enforced disappearances in Lebanon suggest urgent action by the Lebanese government to protect it’s citizens or refugees fleeing from the mechanism of repression of the Arab and speed up the establishment of the National Commission to uncover the fate of all missing persons wherever they find and punish the perpetrators of the crimes of kidnapping and considered as criminals against humanity and restitution of individual and collective, and rehabilitation of health and social recovery of victims of enforced forced to ratify the international Convention for the protection of All Persons from Enforced disappearance.