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Freedom for the political prisoner George Ibrahim Abdalla
Freedom for political prisoner George Ibrahim Abdullah
On 24/10/1984 the French authorities arrested the Lebanese citizen George Ibrahim Abdullah on charges of possession of identity papers is true: Algerian passport.
On 10/7/1986 he was tried on charges of possession of weapons and explosives illegally and was sentenced to imprisonment for a term dimensional years.
On 1/3/1987 the French authorities re-trial on charges of complicity in terrorist acts, issuing sentenced him to life imprisonment without specifying the "safe period" Period of security, which means the possibility of "conditional release" him after 15 years of imprisonment in accordance with French law.
On 19/11/2003 has taken a "court parole" in the Pau district French decision to release him and fixed December 15 date for the implementation of the resolution and release. But the French public prosecutor filed an immediate appeal of the decision at the request of the Minister of Justice, which stopped the French court decision Pau.
Justification that the French not to release George Ibrahim Abdullah because he did not exercise enough to serious efforts to re-adapt social and not giving up his ideas and beliefs. Confirms that the continued detention constitutes arbitrary detention in violation of international law and a violation of the laws in force in France.
George Ibrahim Abdullah’s oldest political prisoner in France and Europe has been detained since 28 years and should have been released since 1999, but France did not respect their laws, which revealed the former director of a French intelligence Yves Bonnet that the conduct of the French state to George Ibrahim Abdallah is a "revenge states."
George Ibrahim Abdallah political prisoner ended his sentence and is still being held in violation of a protective all international laws and principles of democracy and human rights.
George Ibrahim Abdallah chose a certain path at a given moment to realize his ideas may be in favor or against him, we don’t have a relation with this, this has become of the past, continue to question why the French authorities continue to arrest him in violation of humanitarian law and French law alike. How France calling for democracy and human rights and violate democracy and human rights in here prisons?
The Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture calls for the Human Rights Council and all human rights defenders in the world to raise their voices in order to claim the French government for the release of Lebanese political prisoner George Ibrahim Abdullah and handed over to the Lebanese government and compensation and an apology from him and the Lebanese people.