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Safa speesh at HRC 19th session
Human Rights Council
19th session
Agenda item 3
Promotion and protection of all human rights,
civil,political,economic,social and cultural rights,
including the right to development
From 27 February to 23 March 2012

Dear Mr. President,
Our organization concider economic, social and cultural rights violations constitutes a violation of all human rights, violence and torture is rooted in poverty and economic conditions so allow me to speak for the following violations:
Arrest of Lebanese prisoner George Ibrahim Abdallah, the oldest political prisoner in Europe contributed to the deteriorating economic situation, social and psychological family.
He was arrested in France in 1984 and charged with executing assassanitions where he was sentenced to life imprisonment.
In 1999, he became in a position that enabled him to be released in accordance with the French law. But despite 10 requests for his release, the French court rejected those requests because George Ibrahim Abdallah has no regrets about his actions and he did not give up his ideas.
George Ibrahim Abdallah has finished his sentence and he is still arbitrarily detained in the French prisons for 28 years, contrary to all international laws and human rights slogans which the French Government boast about.
I am not here to defend or oppose George Ibrahim Abdallah’ ideas, this has become a thing of the past.
His continued detention is contrary to the Declaration of Human Rights and a violation of his economic, social and cultural rights and a condemn to all human rights defenders who have ignored his case for decades . Arbitrary detention destroys the economic and social life and psychological of the prisoner and his family as is the case with thousands of former Lebanese detainees who were released from Israeli jails, or the Syrian and they suffer from very bad social and health conditions as well as the suffering of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails
The human rights is an indivisible unit, how is it possible that the French Government defends human rights in our region and at the same time it violates human rights in prisons? But to prevent any members of his family to visit him in prison?
We ask your esteemed French Government for justice for George Ibrahim Abdallah, for his release, for his compensation and for an apology from him and from the Lebanese people.
In Lebanon as well, the increse of violation of the economic, social rights of the citizens, and so are unemployment rates and migration, and the escalation of the wave of strikes and trade union education coupled with violations of violations of public freedoms and restrictions on human rights defenders are escalating. We state for example the investigation with the activist Saad Eddin Shatila, the representative of the Association of AlKarama in Beirut on July 25, 2011,for investigation regarding reports of torture in the Lebanese prisons. Moreover, in February 8, 2012, the activist Ali Aqeel Khalil was charged for two months in prison and fined with 600,000 Lebanese Pounds for the promotion of torture photos in Roumieh central prison, and many practices that reflect the decline of human rights movement in Lebanon this is contrary to Lebanon's obligations on the state of human rights. The continued explosion of cluster bombs planted by Israel in the South are still hampering the return of the life cycle of economic and social development in the south.
We ask Lebanon to address the social and economic conditions deteriorating and to desist to stop prosecuting human rights defenders and speed up the formation of the preventive mechanism to stop and criminilize torture. We also ask for the treatment of the social and medical conditions of the prisons, the establishment of the National Commission to uncover the fate of the missing persons and care for their families economically, socially and health and to approve the international convention for protection of all persons from enforced disappearance, and the development of a practical mechanism in cooperation with civil society organizations to implement the recommendations approved by Lebanon in March 2011 at the UPR session.
Freedom for George Ibrahim Abdalla and all political prisoners in Israeli and arabic prisons and saluted the captive Palestinian Sanna Chalabi..

Thank you, Mr. President