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Denoucement of Aman Network
Denounced of Aman Network for the rehabilitation of victims of violence and torture in the assassination of Lebanese journalist Ali Shaaban at the NTV television Martyr Syrian army bullets while carrying out his work with the team on television at the Lebanese-Syrian border on 9/4/2012.
The network considered the assassination war crime against humanity and violation of freedom of expression and of Lebanese sovereignty and called for the investigation of crime and punishes criminals.
It also called upon the international community to intervene network firm to save the life of the human rights activist Abdul Hadi Khawaja, who is suffering from the agonies of death in Bahraini prisons, and the activist Husein Mchaymish
It also demanded the release of the
Saudi activist Mohammed Abdul Saleh Albjara on hunger strike in Saudi prisons.
The Network sent a directed appeal to all the defenders of human rights and against torture to organize a wider campaign of solidarity with political prisoners in Arab prisons.