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Palestinian prisoners day
4700 Palestinian and Arab prisoners

We overlooking the seventeenth of April Palestinian Prisoners' Day, and the prisoners the Palestinians and Arabs are engaged in heroic confrontations with Israeli forces inside the prison walls was the hunger strikes in protest against the administrative detention.
That the use of prisoners and prisoners to the hunger strike is a response to the intransigence of the occupying forces and at the same time is a message to the international community and the replica tag heuer autavia novel watches United Nations and the European Union and the Arab governments and foreign condemnation of indifference, silence and double standards.
Seventeenth of April is a reminder of the detention of 4700 prisoners subjected to torture and neglect of health and social and inviting the world to heed to this humanitarian issue.
Also it’s an invitation to the various Palestinian forces, first joining forces on the issue of prisoners and, secondly, the release of all Palestinian detainees in Palestinian prisons.
Let April 17 Palestinian Prisoners' Day station to give this issue attention that it deserves.

Khiam Rehabilitation Center 
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for victims of torture