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Program of June 26,2012 activities
- A press conference about the International Day Against Torture and the issue of Lebanese prisons.
- Sit in front of the headquarters of the Lebanese prisons (Baabda prison for women and Baalbeck prison).
- Sit in front of the Ministery of Justice to demand for a preventive mechanism to prevent torture.
- On 20/6/2012 a health and psychosocial dayin Baabda prison for women.
- On 24/6/2012 a medical day in House of detainees -Dersryan for the victims of detention and torture.
- On 24 and 25/6/2012 open day in the yard Mreisseh "Against Violence and Against Torture" peppered gallery for the sale of products manufactured by marginalized women and girls, sacrificed violence and torture.
- On 28/6/2012 a medical and psychosocial day of the families of missing persons.
- Posters and brochures in this occasion.