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11 Lebanese was kidnapped in Syria
On 22/5/2012 an Syrian armed group kidnap eleven Lebanese citiesens when they was returning from a religious visit.
The captives were: Abbas Shuaib, Hassan Mahmoud, Mehdi Ballout, Hussein AlSiblany, Ali Abbas,Abou Ali Saleh, Hussein Omar, Mustafa Yassin, Ali Zugheib, Awad Ibrahim, Hohammed Munzer, Hussein Arzouny, Ali Al Ahmar,Ali Safa,Rabieh Zugheib and Ali Turmos.
Although contacts between Lebanese and Turkish goverments and modern replica audemars piguet negatiations with Kidnappers, the fate of the abducted is still unknown and conflicting information on their whereabout.
The kidnapping of Lebanese citizens is a violation of the right of life and personal and social security and the responsibility is on the armed group including the Syrian government because the kidnapping took place in its territory and is concerned to reveal their fate and work to release.
If the …. of the kidnapping is to exchange them with Syrian dissidents this exchange ia a violation of the international law andoverride all principle of humanity.
Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture requests the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International working group on Enforced Disappearances in the United Nations to move quickly to uncover fate of missing persons.

28/5/2012 Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims Of Torture audemars piguet replica chic watches