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Aman statement
June 26 the International Day to Support of Victims of Torture comes this year and our Arab people’s faces repression in defiance of massacres, prisons and torture in defense of freedom, justice and equality.
Has broken down many of the heads of Arab dictatorships under which flood the rebellious masses labored under years of oppression and grave violations of human rights. But the change was not at the level of sacrifice and still violations and abuse of human dignity and the various forms of torture practiced as an extension of the previous systems obsolete, but even more severe, and fierce.
Torture and human rights abuses was the root causes of the uprisings in the Arab masses arose against injustice, oppression and poverty, but it seems that the masses that made the revolution climbed political forces do not differ from other dictatorships extinct.
Torture increased and past violations have been investigated and the perpetrators were not punished. Revolution is a historical process of continuous and the fall of the regime is a step on a long road, long, and putting to the activists and human rights organizations and the forces of freedom and democracy additional tasks and new sacrifices. On this occasion salute all the martyrs who fell Arab uprisings under torture or in the fields of confrontation with the thugs systems and tools. Regards to all the freedom fighters in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Bahrain, Oman, Morocco, Sudan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Salute our people facing massacres naked murder, bombing and destruction.
Regards to thousands languishing in the prisons of the Arab regimes of repression, calling for their release, and salute the Palestinian people and the 5000 prisoners languishing in Israeli jails in violation of all principles of humanity.
June 26 is an occasion for tightening the struggle against torture and an occasion to call on governments to criminalize torture and rehabilitation of victims as a human right, legal, social, and salute on this occasion the International Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture IRCT the umbrella of all rehabilitation centers for torture victims in the world.

22/6/2012 Aman Network