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Report of June 26 activities,2012

On the occasion of International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, 26 June, Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture organized series of activity for the occasion.
- Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims in cooperation with the Committee of the families of detainees in Lebanese prisons organize on 16/5/2012 a press conference on the International day for supporting victims of torture and the issue of Lebanese prisons and human rights situation in Lebanon at the center in Beirut, where was the announcement of the program activities of the Center for the occasion .

- Under the title “we don’t want new missing” KRC organize an solidarity activity on 31/5/2012 where he has been missing mothers greeting of solidarity to the families of the eleven missing in Syria who were kidnapped in Halab on 22/5/2012.
Mother’s condemn the crimes of kidnapping, whatever the causes, motives, and call upon all officials all the defenders of human rights and against enforced disappearances to make utmost efforts to criminalize abductions, enforced disappearances and to work for the return of all missing persons into the arms of their loved ones and the arms of the nation.
On behalf of mothers who lost loved ones, on behalf of mothers burned longing to uncover the fate of their children, as mothers waited years and're still waiting for our children draw a greeting to all mothers and fathers of their children abducted in Halab, hoping to reveal the fate and released the day before tomorrow.

- KRC in cooperation with the Committee of the families of detainees in Lebanese prisons organize on 3/6/2012 sit in front of Baalbek prison in solidarity with the prisoners and required to speed up trials and to improve health conditions and psychological and social development in the prisons.

- On 20/6/2012, Khiam Center team visit to Baabda prison for women a hand craft vocational training was done for the prisoners in addition to the psychological sessions with psychologist.

- On 24/6/2012 Khiam center organize a medical day in the house of detaines - Derseryan for victims of detention and torture, with the participation of Genycologe and public health physician, and there was a speesh for the Secretary-General of KRC Mr. Mohammed Safa, in the celebration considered that the revival of this opportunity to remind the following:
• First, thousands of prisoners and prisoners who are imprisoned in the prisons of the occupation's supporters, Ansar and Khiam prisons and subjected to the ugliest forms of torture, we recall their memory alive and continuing to demand the return of their rehabilitation and support healthy, psychologically and socially as a right of their human rights.
• Second, to remind that the complacency with prisons and executioners clients down to the occupation and some customers heroes editing is the participation of the Government in the psychological torture of prisoners editors.
• Thirdly, to recall the official neglect of this target who sacrificed and melted in prison in defense of Lebanon's freedom, sovereignty and dignity not only received applause media and the absence of a formal project for a real treat and embrace liberation heroes of the homeland.
• Fourth, to remind that the complete liberation of the South in 2000 was not associated with the process of rehabilitation of the liberated areas and redress the economic, social, psychological and vocational education for citizens who have suffered from the brutality of the occupation and the massacres vessels. ،This activity was also covered by a new TV, future, Lebanon.

- Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture organize on 26/6/2012 a sit in front of the Ministery of Justice under the title "For Lebanon, free from torture and violence" the center considered that Lebanon is a bomb of violence and torture, violence in the family and society, torture in prisons, kidnapping, armed clashes in all regions, escalating sectarian and religious discourse seriously, the deterioration of economic and social conditions generating waves of violence and security chaos and social violence and torture is common practice and methodology without rules deter aggressors and perpetrators. At the end of the sit-in the center call the Lebanese government and the Ministry of Justice, the following:
- To establish the national preventive mechanism to prevent torture committed that Lebanon signed the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture in December 2008, where the delay of Lebanon for three years for its establishing.
- This preventive mechanism to be independent body and is integrated into the National Plan for Human Rights to be announced in the parliament.
- Amendment of Article 401 of the penal code to toughen punishment for the perpetrators of torture.
- Criminalization of torture in Lebanese laws and the withdrawal of reservations to articles 20 and 21 of the UN Convention against Torture in terms of complaints.
- Criminalization of domestic violence, especially against rampant crimes of violence and torture against children in the family and society.
- Formation of the National Commission to investigate the fate of all missing persons.
- Move hard and intense for the release of the 11 Kidnaped in Halab, and not only mediation.
- Criminalization of sectarian and religious discourse and to consider the Mroger war criminals against the nation and humanity.
- To reconsider the law of amnesty, which did justice for torturers and killers and did not do justice to the victims and their families.
- To Provide Lebanon his periodic report to the Committee against Torture to the United Nations after a delay of 12 years.
- Compensation for the prisoners released from Roumyeh prison and other prisons and rehabilitat them and an apology from them.
- Acceleration in the trials because the elongation of the investigations and trials in the slow rise to the level of torture and cruel, inhuman.
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