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Against kidnapping with kidnapped
Speech of the Secretary General of Khiam Center, Mohammed Safa in the sit in front of the Grand Serail:
Against Kidnapping with Kidnapped

Kidnapping is an attack on the right to life and violation of civil and political rights of the kidnapped, his right to liberty, the right to personal safety and social, have the right not to be subjected to torture and fair trial.
Violation of human rights and international crime are not limited to but include the families of the victims and their loved ones kidnapped.
From this point we consider kidnapping of jacob & co. astronomia replica amazing watches Lebanese citizens Hassan Mokdad and the Lebanese of the 11 who were kidnapped on 22 May last in Halab an international crime and a violation of all humanitarian principles, particularly the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance and the Fourth Geneva Convention which prohibits the exposure of civilians.
The response to the crime of kidnapping, can not be the same way, kidnapping can no be faced by anti- kidnapping or cutting off roads or expose civil peace of public freedoms, personal and uncontrollable instincts of family and communal, with our full appreciation to the feelings of families and our solidarity absolute with their movements for the release of their children.
The issue of the kidnapped Hassan Miqdad and the 11 kidnapped is general issue is a national issue and a humanitarian should be the focus of consensus of all Lebanese and all political forces that may not be the case or split factor implicated in the framework of the political pressure of the list.
Therefore, we call today in this sit in front of the Grand Serail symbolic abduction with kidnapped loaded with all the Lebanese government and the Lebanese Parliament, state agencies and valuable watches replica longines conquest gross negligence in the treatment of kidnapped Lebanese file of the 11 kidnappings and other previous or subsequent to the issue.
The government have not give with the issue of the 11 kidnapped as a matter of the size of the country did not resort to international forums did not mobilize its missions abroad and the outspokenness of the world Panin wives and their children captives, and the formation of a ministerial committee three months after the kidnapping of Lebanese step late with the welcome. It also said the United Nations and the governments of the world ignored this humanitarian issue did not put pressure on the Syrian side of the flash release.
The absence of the government and its failure and the complicity of the international community and the inability of civil society to embrace the issue of abductees unleash anti-kidnapping as a reaction, but not the right way. Kidnapping offense humanitarian absolutely, abductions anti distorts the humanitarian nature of the case and serving a snap and not kidnapped. Our step should resound against kidnapping and for the freedom of all the kidnapped

Lebanese, Syrians and Turks, request the government move quickly to release the kidnapped Lebanese as a national priority and not to make Lebanon an area of kidnapping and kidnapping counter and the security and sectarian.
Called the Ministerial Committee on whether a serious step to do the following:
1- - Call the diplomatic corps arab and foreign and put them in front of their responsibilities.
2- - Urgent call for UN Security Council and make a complaint.
3 - -The Committee of Ministers with a delegation of families of kidnapping to visit Geneva and the case put forward by either the Human Rights Council.
4- - To prosecute kidnapped and considered war criminals.
We also call upon the international community to exert pressure on the perpetrators of the kidnapping of Lebanese or non-Lebanese kidnapping as a heinous crime against humanity.