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Khiam center and Aman Network activities and election of Mohammad Safa Secretary general of Aman Network
Khaim Center and Aman Network activities in Geneva and the election of Safa a secretary-general of the Network

Aman Network held its regular meeting from18 to 22 September 2012 on the sidelines of the participation in the twenty-first session of the Human Rights Council at the UN headquarters in Geneva.
The Network delegation included representatives of the rehabilitation centers for victims of violence and torture and human rights activist from Palestine, Kuwait, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq and Iran.
The network met with many UN officials and human rights organizations and humanitarian including the Secretary General of the Fund in Support of Victims of Torture at the United Nations, Ms. Lara Kanaan and Mrs. John Ray responsible section of civil society in the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Mr. Faraj Fneish Head of Middle East and North Africa in the Office of the United Nations, in these meetings it was emphasized on interest victims of violence and torture and strengthen the capacity of civil society and raising the voice more in defense of human rights in the light of increasing violations in the region and demand that governments signed agreements and fulfill their obligations, especially in light of the decline that you know the human rights situation in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, especially those affecting individual rights, human rights and freedom of expression.

The Network has focused on priority attention to human rights because human rights environment with the changes in the area of political movement or the so-called Arab Spring have been declining for many of the gains achieved by the movement of rights in the past years and the emission of political forces and groups against human rights in the comprehensiveness and universality.
The network organized on 18.09.2012 at the headquarters of the United Nations and the cooperation between Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture and international organizations parallel event to discuss the UPR report of Bahrain, where speakers stressed on the UN demand to intensify pressure on the government of Bahrain to stop the massacre against Bahraini people and launch release of all detainees.

On 20/09/2012 Khiam center organize a workshop on the situation of human rights in the Middle East and North Africa there speakers present a brief of human rights situation in their countries.
On 21/09/2012, Ms. Farida Ghulam, wife of Secretary General of the Waed Movement, prisoner Ibrahim Sharif delivered a speech on behalf of Khiam Center in front of the Human Rights Council demanded the release of all detainees.
At the meeting of the network, participants discussed reports of the centers and the changes in the region and an action plan was approved to re-activate the role of the network and modify the rules of procedure and was elected a new general secretariat for three-year consists of: Secretary General of the KRC Mohammed Safa general secretary of the network and all of Dr. Khader Rusrus Executive Director of the Centre for Rehabilitation Victims of Torture in Ramallah and director of the Iranian Organization for Defending Victims of Violence Mr. Rehak Havakhur Vice-Secretary General and a reservist member Dr. Ahmed Douraidy from Morocco.
The final statement and recommendations will be issued.

24/9/2012 Aman Network for Rehabilitation
and Defending Human Rights