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Report of MENA Region and North Africa submited in the council meeting in Budapest

MENA Region and North Africa report admetted by the council member the secretary general of Khiam center Mohamad Safa in the council meeting in Budapest

Beginning we would like to clarified that this report does not cover all the activities and programs of the Centre in our region because some centers did not send us their observations or suggestions, although many letters we sent in more than three months but it has been approved by the majority of the centers. There is a problem of communication between the centers they are not sound as that relationship with the IRCT are not clear, too, during the past three years there was no communication between the representatives of the International Council and our center and even the International Council of the latter in London did not indicate one world about the Middle East and North Africa despite observations and letters that we sent.
Of course, many reasons, including subjective and objective and the most important thing is the difficulties that we face in the region of the wars and the escalation of sectarian and religious strife.

Mr. President

Members of the council

We confirm once again that the Middle East is the hottest and the axis of conflict in the world because of the huge wealth of gas and oil. What we witnessed of revolutions and protests in the past two years did not lead to radical changes or enhance the human rights movement, but we can say that torture is still practiced strongly and noticeable decline and serious in terms of human rights and public freedoms, so that personal freedoms, scientific and religious are threatened as a result of the currents power of fundamentalist.
The situation can be summarized as follows:

• The Palestinian people issue was marginalized an Israel is building hundreds of settlements and still sits nearly 5,000 Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli jails under the global apathy,the war of extermination against the Palestinian people in Gaza is not the first and will not be the last.
• Growth and rise sectarian and religious conflicts and tribal posing a threat to the unity and cohesion of the Arab societies.
• In Syria the conflict takes an international character and committed bloody massacres against the Syrian people by the regime and the opposition alike have reached the number of missing in Syria to 28 thousand and hundreds of

thousands of detainees and the number of Syrian refugees are increasing, in Jordan 230 000, Turkey 112 000, Egypt 150 000, Lebanon hundred and ten thousand.
• In the Gulf region 30 thousand prisoners, Bahrain 1600 political prisoners, Lebanese prisons nearly five thousand prisoners 60% without trials, and the specter of civil war overhanging on Lebanon because of deepening political and sectarian divisions, in Morocco about 300 political detainees in Sudan are increasing numbers detainees In Libya 30 thousand missing.
In our region hundreds of thousands of detainees, missing, displaced and most dangerous is what happens in Syria and the fear of extended war to neighboring countries have started their show in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey.
Although the so-called Arab Spring, the policy of impunity prevails and torture and human rights violations increased hardness and enormity.
Under this circumstances and the political danger conditions, our centers work seriously in objective circumstances and largest than our energy and our potential, and we are forced sometimes to adjust our plans according to the situation of political renewable showed weakness centers level of struggle and organizational and financial possibilities, in Sudan Amal Center closed, in Morocco reception center for victims of torture Caovt froze its activities, in Palestine the TRC center, demobilized about 40 employees because of the scarcity of resources and KRC is threatened with the same fate, the international Council elections showed significant disturbance as 7 out of 12 centers participated in the elections of course I'm not with dropping membership of the Moroccan Center COVT from the membership of the IRCT must know the reasons and help it to overcome the difficulties faced by Otherwise, a lot of centers will fall membership.
However we have been able through Aman Network that collect 8 centers and organized activity distinctive in Geneva on the sidelines of the 21 Human Rights Council last September to organize two workshops on the state of human rights in Bahrain and the Middle East. The NSA project was important that have enhanced the conditions of some centers, but unfortunately end the project to last year, the lack of continuity in the projects threaten all achievements.
In short, we invite for a regional meeting to make a study and analysis of new data in the region involving all centers to formulate a new plan for the Middle East and North Africa to determine the priorities and needs of the centers and reconsider the regulatory and administrative proposal because of the importance the region where torture fiercely and breeding numbers of missing persons and detainees and displaced, that initiates of IRCT to the development new centers of more interest in the region and keep up with the wave of protests and changes, and to reconsider the situations of all the centers and the establishment of new centers, the opening of a headquarters of the IRCT in our region and the

development of projects according to new situations will put us in front of a new phase of struggle.
With great appreciation for all the efforts made by the IRCT in the region, we suggest the following:
-A regional meeting to discuss new developments and priorities.
- The development of the headquarters of the IRCT in the Middle East and North Africa.
- Restructuring of the existing centers and the development of managerial and organizational structure.
- Reconsider in the regional training courses and to reflect the actual needs of the centers, the three regional meeting did not reflect the objective needs of the center as the recommendations did not pursue.
- Emphasis on the suggestion: the establishment of a fund to support centers that financially strapped, alone for writing projects, unit to cope with emergency situations, as happened in Gaza, Bahrain or what is happening in Syria today.
- Concerning the situation in Bahrain has not given importance and Alkarama center has not accepted his membership in the IRCT, but we heard several years ago that there is no torture in Bahrain.
- Support Aman Network for the rehabilitation and defense of human rights and Correct position from the Network and other networks.
- Enhance communication between the representatives of the Middle East in the Council and the Centers for it somewhat lacking, and listen to suggestions of the centers because it is discarded as it was previously.
- Develop a practical plan for the establishment of new centers.
- Documentation about arrested, missing or killing.

Finally we congratulate Mrs. Suzan Jabbour to be elected President of the IRCT, and with all my heart to invite her to open a new page in cooperation and forget about the past to strengthen our centers also congratulate the Secretary-General Mr.Joost Martens and to invite him to make field visits and listen to the needs of the centers and paying more interest in the region.