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Appeal to help Khiam Center
Appeal to support KRC

Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture send an appeal to all friends and lovers, institutions and personalities to provide support to the center so it can continue in the struggle against violence, torture and sectarianism, rehabilitation and strengthening civil peace and the emphasis on citizenship.
The center said: to all who are keen on the continuation of the center as an independent human rights and all axes political locally and globally.
To all defenders of human dignity and freedom fighters for a democratic nation does not sectarian ... Homeland criminalizing torture, violence and sectarianism, racism and discrimination and all violations of human rights.
We invite you to support the center and send donations Whatever the expense of Khiam Center, Fenice Bank, branch Khaldah:
IBAN:LB23 0058 0005 USD4 6120 1021 4200

Or by WESTERN UNION and the send the number to the following phone number(Zeinab Abboud): 009613379612

Or By calling us on the following numbers:
70/778346 – 03/920512 – 01/302631

Thank you for your support