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Safa at the 30th anniversary of KRC
Speech of the Secretary General of the KRC Mohammed Safa
On the thirtieth anniversary of it’s founding

I welcome you to the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, who was born from the womb of two trials - the first Ansar gathering supporters of detainees, which was founded on March 4, 1983 and the second follow-up committee to support the issue of Lebanese detainees in Israeli prisons, which was founded on September 24, 1992.
30-year-old experience has made tremendous achievements the most important conversion issue of Lebanese detainees in Israeli prisons from a forgotten case to a global issue, it was a breakthrough Khiam prison in 1995 by entering the International Committee of the Red Cross and the release of many detainees under the pressure of the campaign of solidarity and dedication legislation formal embrace the released prisoners and employing 75 prisoners at Ogero and the development of character in the name of Lebanese Detainee and adoption of the law 364 concerning compensation and the establishment of the house of Lebanese detainees in the south and launch a campaign of medical, psychological and social rehabilitation, which is not limited to the released from Israeli prisons but included released in Syrian prisons and mothers of missing persons and detainees in Lebanese prisons and marginalized groups in society.
The number of beneficiaries of the services the center of the former detainees and their families and the victims of enforced disappearances 7329 health assistance, 1463 social assistance, 890 psychological assistance, training courses 701.2900 sample medication and 1,500 units food and 2,300 gift for children during the war in July and 995case, medical support in Lebanese prisons and 167 psychological assistance.
The center was & still at the forefront on defending of the Palestinian and Arab detainees in Israeli prisons have formed Freedom tent and mothers sit-ins Thursday, hundreds of sit-ins and conferences as a model for the captive movement in Palestine and abroad.
The center become part of the global movement against isolation and torture, we became members of the Global Forum against unarmed and members of the Global Network against Torture in Geneva and member in the IRCT International Centre for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture, and since 2007 the center is the administrative headquarters of Aman Network for the rehabilitation and defense of human rights which is a network of 11 centers in the MENA region and North Africa.
In July 2010, the center received a consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations after strong opposition from the Israeli side, and we now share the name of the center in all United Nations conferences and send delegates from all Arab countries to participate in the work of the Human Rights Council through the provision of reports and complaints and organize workshops in Geneva to view the situation of human rights in Lebanon and the Arab region.
The center developed in its struggle, organization and objectives to become today an institution for the rehabilitation and defense of human rights in Lebanon and the world.
In the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of the center emphasize the continuation of our mission in the fight against violence, torture and enforced disappearances and all forms of degrading human dignity, medical, psychological and social assistance for victims of violence and torture and work to rebuild the community devastated by a culture of violence, wars and through the dissemination of a culture of human rights, democracy and respect for diversity and emphasis on citizenship and development campaign of solidarity with the issue of Palestinian prisoners and all prisoners of insulation and opinion in the Arab countries and the world.
The primary task of the day in front of all political forces and social and trade union rights, women's and humanitarian and human rights in Lebanon is the maintenance of civil peace - civil peace first because without civil peace cannot talk about civil society, political parties or even the demands of economic and social, so that resistance does not incubate and not protected only by civil peace.
And civil peace means to circumvent the Lebanese army guarantee civil peace and the unity of the nation and its independence, the army is protecting the homeland and the citizen, otherwise the country will fall into the hands of bandits and gangs murder and criminality, this does not mean that we justify any practice detrimental to democracy and public freedoms.

Civil peace is in the fight against sectarianism and its projects. Sectarianism the most heinous of torture and more painful and violent because it fragmentize the society and distinguish between citizens and become obstructive to any development of a civil and democratic society in Lebanon, and dozens of laws on domestic violence and sexual and other dormant in the drawers of the House of Representatives and the reason is sectarian.
Civil peace means to devote legislation and deal with all the effects of the war and promote the spirit of reconciliation and addressing the issue of missing persons and all victims of war and the establishment of truth and fairness.
Civil peace means beyond sectarian political system born of wars, violence and torture, unemployment and immigration.
The appeal is needed today is not an extension of the House of Representatives, but also challenged political class impotent and its sectarian system political contrast of civil peace, democracy, justice and human rights. These are the priorities of civil peace and whirling around the Lebanese army and security forces and anti-sectarian projects and promotion of citizenship and the spirit of tolerance and devote laws criminalizing violence, torture and speeches sectarianism and racism to cope with waves of barbarism and brutality that is sweeping the world, including Lebanon and the Arab countries.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Not the political sectarian system failed and fell, but we all parties and bodies, organizations and resistance failed, too, failed to re-establishing a homeland conquered occupation to resist national and popular heroic but also failed at interior level because we did not improve conservation victories and protection.
So call today to the uprising against the self, the reckoning with our consciousness before, with illusions previous methods of struggle with courage and cruelty for the establishment of a new stage for the birth of current civil peace, civil stream of state-building on the ruins of states communities and farms, stream refused senseless wars and speeches sectarian religious toxic, stream of citizenship and democracy and human rights.
This is our country, the country which we resisted the occupation and cited and arrested for the liberation of our duty today to save him and prevent its collapse, fragmentation and shredded through the establishment of civil peace stream resistance before it's too late.
Thirty years in the fight against torture and defense of human rights, detainees and missing persons and prisoners, advocates in the issue of our people and their concerns in the liberation from occupation and liberation from oppression and exploitation, and sectarianism.
Thirty years although despite financial difficulties and pressures we continue your support more hardness and strength in the defense of human rights and against torture and re-build a nation dominated by justice, democracy and human rights.