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sit in infront of escwa
Secretary General of the word KRC Mohammed Safa,
on the occasion of June 26,
For an international convention against sectarianism

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon
Security General of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Navanethem Pillay

The world is celebrating in the twenty-sixth of June the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture to remind that torture is grievous human rights violations, and in order to criminalization and rehabilitation of the victims and solidarity with their families and to demand the release of prisoners of conscience in all prisons. But unfortunately, the torture and other cruel, inhuman or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment are still common and is increasing day after day and disclaims most governments of their obligations to prevent torture, and the Special Rapporteur on torture prevented from visiting some countries, such as Israel, Bahrain and others.
Today we celebrate the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on these most serious stage in the history of the world, where the murders shocking, sectarian violence, the blind and the accompanying dragged and slaughter and massacres genocide sectarian bring us back to primitive times, ages cannibals, as if torture is evolving and takes forms of terrorism and sectarian and confessional.
The sectarian and fragmenting communities and deepen divisions sectarianism and racism and fascism requires the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and all the thinkers and believers Bill of Human Rights to address this phenomenon worsening threatened the unity of communities and simpler relations between human beings where he became a torture on the seriousness and grievous detailed and marginal issue about sectarianism and fascism and racism and their social and economic and scientific, psychological and humanitarian devastating.
Sectarianism more violent and heinous from torture, sectarian prisons more terrifying isolation and affront to human dignity of the traditional prisons, where sectarian boast the executioner and delights in torturing the victim and publicly documented.
Therefore we call for the following:
-1 - an international agreement to combat sectarianism and considered it a crime against humanity
-2 Determine the International Day in Support of Victims of sectarian violence
-3 regarded as the perpetrators of sectarian violence and incitement of sectarian war criminals
4 - Organize a global conference and regional conferences and the preparation of research on sectarianism and their causes and consequences.
5 - Develop a new strategy for human rights organizations and anti-violence and torture, a strategy stems from the accurate diagnosis of the current situation and identify the priorities that we believe in civil peace and the unity of the communities and against civil wars and given the economic and social importance.
6 - The humanitarian organizations and rehabilitation centers are not relief associations and charitable services, but are supposed to be part of the process of peaceful democratic change in the introduction struggling for freedom, justice, and only switched to trade associations gasping behind financing projects.
7 - a claim the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights and international humanitarian organizations positions firmer line towards the perpetrators of torture and sectarian crimes in all countries without prejudice and discrimination, and strong condemnation of the Arab and foreign countries by arming and funding terrorist groups and sectarianism.

Let June 26 continuous days always against Torture and sectarianism, and for the release of political prisoners and reveal the fate of missing persons for civil peace, democracy and human rights.