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Mobile Clinic
Mobile Clinic to KRC funded by the EU

6 April 2009

Khiam Center organized a ceremony in front of its headquarter at Korniche Almazraa were the Center’s secretary general Mohammad Safa received the mobile clinic from the representatives of the European Commission in Lebanon, Maria Sanchez and Liliane Deeb and the representative of the Canadian embassy in Lebanon, Nicole Machnouk.

The speech of the Secretary General Mohammed Safa:
Within the framework of the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), and as part of the implementation of Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture the project of Medical, Social, & Psychological Assistance for Victims of Torture, funded by the European Union, we meet today to receive from the representatives of the European Commission in Lebanon the mobile clinic that will serve in the development of the medical assistance for victims of torture, and transfer the project that will enter after one month to its third year to a new phase in the process of medical, social, and psychological assistance. The clinic will also remove many obstacles that used to face us previously, we mrcertify cannot open a center in every village but we can say that the clinic is a mobile headquarter for Khiam center that through it we can enter to all Lebanese regions were victims of torture and their families are allocated.
A clinic with an examination bed, a small pharmacy and medical devices for examination, we can even make simple surgeries inside it when needed.
This clinic will not be for a certain village or region or religious sect or political party, it’s the clinic of former detainees and their families, families of the missing and for all who were affected from detention, torture, violence, and senseless wars, a clinic for all who suffered and sacrificed but didn’t receive accept neglecting and oblivion.
A clinic, examinations and visits for every village and house from south to north, Bekaa, Beirut and the Mountain. This clinic won’t be the first or the last, and it is a part of the medical care project for victims of torture, forced disappearance and their families, and all the victims of detention and ill treatment. The wheels of this mrcertify clinic will move on all the country streets including the Lebanese prisons, and that’s if we can get a permission from the Ministry of Interior and Internal Security Forces to organize free of charge medical days in Roumieh, Alqibe, Halba, Nabatieh, Houbiesh and Zahle prisons to reduce the suffering of the prisoners.
The wheels of this clinic will start moving in coincidence with the parliamentary elections, but it is not a clinic for voting or marketing nor seasonal or regional, it’s a clinic that cures the traces of those who were subject to torture, forced disappearance and violence.
We receive this clinic from the representatives of the European Commission while thanking and paying tribute to the European Union for its support and funding of this great humanitarian project which we have been able over the past two years to provide medical, social and psychological assistance to nearly 3010 people who are victims of detention, torture, disappearance and their families.
Thank you for your support and the starting of the clinic in April, will be a tribute to all victims of detention and torture.

The speech of the representative of Delegation of the European Commission in Lebanon, Maria Sanchez:
On behalf of the EC it is a pleasure to hand over to KRC the keys of this clinic that will be able to provide support and care for the victims of torture in all regions of the country.
The EC is proud to support this kind of initiatives that can bring tangible results to those that need it most.
The EC would like to thank the work undertaken by the staff of KRC, their enthusiasm and passion to fight against torture and its consequences.

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