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Appeal 2014

Urgent Appeal

Disapprobation statements are no longer enough , it's an terrorist open war, targeting the state and the people and institutions in Lebanon to return to pre- emergence of the state and the economic and social development .
Terror war began on September 11 in the United States and fabulous replica patek philippe calatrava it’s include the whole world .
It is a desperate attempt to return back to history and destroy all the achievements of human civilization and science and the arts , to return to the old man by the communal system and slavery.
And Lebanon is not excluded from this universal terrorist war to destroy stractures of the states and vows to return to the herd and thighs , covenants cannibals .
But it’s deplorable the dig of the politician in Lebanon behind their bearings without estimating the seriousness of the terrorist war aimed at uprooting 8 and March 14 and the elimination of Greater Lebanon Little , who was born by Caesarean section .
What is happening in Lebanon , is going on in Syria and Iraq and in other parts of the world and on all political forces in Lebanon suspend their programs and projects to maintain the state first and then to wrestle about the form of the government neutral government , global or national interest .
It is a historic moment for all of us before we become shreds . Required awakening of conscience and religion and morality and patriotism and humanity for the convergence of all rivals to keep the house in which we live Lebanon before the collapse of the House and after this no government, no parliament and black franck muller black croco replica we will not find boats take us because the flames of terrorism hits the world.


Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture