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speech of the secretary general 2014

Speech of the Secretary General KRC Mohammed Safa,
In the ceremony of June 26 the International Day in Support
of Victims of Torture

Like each year we celebrate the June 26 the UN day Support of Victims of Torture. We are gathered together to honor those who have been subjected to torture or enforced disappearance, and to send a message to the whole world that victims of torture are not alone, and we renew our call to work for a world without torture.
This day is also the 27th anniversary of the entry of the UN Convention Against Torture into force & consider Torture as a crime.
27 year on the UN Convention against Torture and but we still practice torture against men, women and children ,because the perpetrators of torture escaped from impunity & are not punished for their crimes.
Impunity means the failure of justice.
Impunity means to encourage the perpetrators of torture to continue in the violations. When the perpetrator of torture are not punished torture becomes systematic crime.
Impunity is the main problem facing the world today, from occupied Palestine to Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain and the Arab countries as a whole to the United States, India, Australia and others, all human rights defenders denouncing the policy of impunity that as long as the governments use it as an approach ,can not prevent torture or to prevent it or to talk about justice, truth and fairness.
Our movement today and the sit in in the whole world have the same title: no for the politics of impunity.
Silence is a friend of impunity and we on June 26 and every day have to break the silence and raise our voices high against impunity for the perpetrators of torture crimes.
Torture, discrimination, racism, fascism, terrorism, sectarianism, starvation, aspects of the same coin is a violation of human dignity.
We raise our voices and demand and not a thousand is not the policy of impunity. The perpetrators of torture in any country should be punished.
In Lebanon, we say to the rulers and the ruling political class: Enough torture for the Lebanese people, the political and economic status of citizens is the most terrible forms of torture, racial and sectarian your system is the worst kind of prison.
Salute to all the victims of detention, disappearance, torture and for their families and to the martyrs of detention.
Freedom for all political prisoners in the world.