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Girl of captive House
Khiam Center for The Victims of Torture celebrated the graduation of 60 youths in "The House of The Detainee" in Deir Seryen village. The participants shared in "first aids" and "hair dressing" training sessions. Mr. Mohammad Safa, the general secretary of Khiam Center attended the celebration which was held in the municipality courtyard. Many personalities also attended, starting from the village’s mayor Mr. Mostafa Al Daoud, the head of the municipalities committee in Tyre Mr. Abed Al Mouhsen Al Housaini, a delegation of the Indonesian Battalion, in addition to the villagers and the graduates’ parents, and a delegation from participants in Bourghleyeh village. The celebratiom was distinguished by a graduation for the house of detainee's bride in tribute for the released female detainees where the bride was carried in procession.

In the beginning, Ftima Abed Jaber, the daughter of one of the former detainees, spoke in the name of the participants and thanked the center for organizing these training sessions. Then M r. Safa delivered his speech and spoke about contributing with these sessions as a way to compensate the government's negligence towards its citizens. Such activities are part of the medical and social assistance project. He also considered the bride of the house of the detainees the bride of the nation which is a symbol of true citizenhip against sectarianism and all kinds of religious conflicts.

Mr. Safa wondered and questioned the local and the international community about Israel's prosecution, and wondered why that case was completely ignored by the international community and almost asleep in the official listings. Safa said that the government's reluctance in following up Israel's prosecution case encouraged Israel to keep its continuous interference in the Lebanese affairs, which led to another indirect Israel's war on Lebanon by establishing more spying networks inside Lebanon. Mr. Safa called for fair trials and punishments to those spies who were the main practical guide to Israel and led to the shed of thousands of victims and martyrs.

Mr. Safa uncovered for the first time some Lebanese organizations that assume to be carrying human rights slogans while they infact stand for and defend spies in the global forums under the pretext of being subjected to torture in the Lebanese prisons. Safa said, "We are always with fair trials and we never defend torture under any condition, but we ask for fair prosecutions and trials which should be held by the Lebanee Judge. Defending those criminals and bombs makers is a distortion of the true meaning of human rights principles."

Khiam Center calls for being bias with the victims of war who were tortured, martyred, arrested and humiliated, and not defending for the spies who should be punished for their crimes according to the international standards. If those organizations persist to defend such criminals, Khiam Center will uncover the names of those suspicous organizations with all their connections because they are against the real concept of human rights.