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Statement to Minister of Justice about the UPR
Beirut 08/27/2014
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Excellency Minister of Justice
Major General Ashraf Rifi,

In November 2015, Lebanon will submit his National report in front of the UPR session on human rights situation in Lebanon in the Human Rights Council at the UN headquarters in Geneva.
Lebanon has submitted its national report in front of the ninth session of the Group on the Universal Periodic Review in November 2010, where Lebanon promise to strengthen the human rights situation and the Lebanese government promise in March 2011 in front of the Human Rights Council to implement the recommendations put forward by 49 countries and the number is about 41 recommendation.
These recommendations will be accountable to Lebanon about the extent implemented in November 2015 and, unfortunately, most of these recommendations did not see the light, and we mention some of them: they didn’t establish a preventive mechanism of a national prevention of torture and not establish a national institution for human rights, and failure to submit periodic reports about the torture of 14 years to the Committee against Torture and failure to ratify the international Convention for the protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance and the establishment of an independent national body and not criminalize all forms of torture and effective to do to address the issue of prisons like the delay in the trials and the abolition of the death penalty, etc. ....
The non-implementation of the most recommendations made by the Human Rights Council will give a bad image of Lebanon because of failure to meet its commitments infront of the highest authority of human rights in the world.
So we hope that your excellency raise the issue of UPR in the Council of Ministers and start preparing a governmental parliamentary cooperation with society bodies and the formation of a coordination committee permanently to prepare the required reports and conduct a serious dialogue between the government and the civil society organizations and expand the dialogue to include the most prominent humanitarian, economic and social. Proposing a national conference at the Grand Serail in preparation for the big event, which will be international terminal on human rights in Lebanon.

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For the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture
Mohammed Safa
Director of the Center for Studies and research
Saaddin Shatila