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Meeting with Dr.Michel Moussa about the UPR

In preparation for the second national report of Lebanon in front of UPR session on Lebanon in the UN Human Rights Council, the Secretary-General of Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, Mohammed Safa and Director of AlKarama Center for Research and Studies Saaddin Shatila their meetings with the concerned officials.
Safa and Shatila meet with the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights, Dr. Michel Moussa at his office in Parliament.
Safa and Shatila discuss with Dr. Moussa the importance to mobilize state agencies to prepare the national report of Lebanon and take advantage of gaps in the preparation of the first report which was drafted without the assistance of the civil society, the delegation suggested to Dr. Michel Moussa that the initiative of the Commission on Human Rights in Parliament to hold a meeting on preparations for the report of Lebanon and to call for an expanded meeting in the Chamber of Deputies for all bodies and actors to participate in the process of preparing and managing a serious dialogue with civil society in its broadest sense.
Safa and Shatila also discuss the issue of cause of the delay in the submission of periodic reports, as the failure of Lebanon 14 years and 16 years for providing some of the reports to the relevant committees in the United Nations, and this major scandal can not be justified or tolerated.
From his part, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights, Dr. Michel Moussa confirm on the importance of this benefit which must prepare for it, despite the difficulties experienced by Lebanon, noting that the Human Rights Commission made a number of projects but are stoped due to the breakdown parked acts of the Parliament, also stressed the importance of reporting in a timely manner and hello suggestions made but the basic role in the preparation of the report and is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon, and will make every effort with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the situation in spite of all the preparation for this national Merit participation of all ministries and civil society.
The delegation met with the Minister of Justice, Major General Ashraf Rifi and visited the headquarters of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, for the same purpose, Safa replique montre de luxe and Shatila will continue their meetings with all the concerned officials and with the bodies and humanitarian organizations in order to hold major national conference on Lebanon's report and recommendations, which the government pledged to implement.

03/09/2014 Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture
Al Karama Centre for Research and Studies