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Khiam center statement about the report of the committee against torture

KRC commended the report of the classic rolex cellini fake Committee against Torture
And calls the government to implement the recommendations proposed

Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture welcomed the Committee against Torture report issued in its sixty-first session on the results of the investigation secret on Lebanon in April 2013, which was considered in "that torture is widespread in Lebanon recourse to her armed forces and law enforcement bodies for the purposes of the investigation" and "deliberate neglect of legal guarantees fundamental freedom for people powerless "and the number of recommendations to the Lebanese government was 34 and Lebanon have to implement and submit a report by November 22, 2014, (summary report distributed earlier this month by Beirut office for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights).
The report is an international historical document reveal the extent of gross violations of human rights in Lebanese prisons and warned about KRC and others, and sent many memos and appeals to various governments and rose up the prisoners and staged a sit-parents many times, but will not touch serious steps.
The report is the international condemnation of each successive Lebanese governments that action is not taken administrative, judicial and legislative measures to prevent torture and improving prison conditions, but stall in speeding up trials and care discrimination and contraband in prisons and the reluctance to provide the required reports for 15 or 19 years (Lebanon out of 27 countries late in submit their reports). Although acknowledging Lebanon isolated cases of torture, but the government distraught conclusions of the Committee against Torture and the opposition to the opinion of the Committee that the practice of torture is practiced systematically in Lebanon!
Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, welcomes and commends the Report of the Committee against Torture, which reflects the tragic situation of prisons in Lebanon, it frowns Lebanese government's position from the report, which always justify the default security conditions and difficulties, so it was the position of the Lebanese government of the report in the UPR session in March 2011 in Geneva loaded with dereliction of difficult circumstances, and today's response to the report of the Committee against torture reasons are in difficult circumstances and tomorrow in the review cycle for the human rights situation in Lebanon in November 2015 will be due to reasons also difficult security conditions!
We do not deny that Lebanon is going through a very difficult, do not deny that the government has good intentions and there are attempts to do some steps to curb torture and the preparation of some of the projects listed in the work of the

Parliemnet , but all this does not justify this ballon bleu de cartier fausses belles glaring omission and the absence of processors serious players, the government is not moving only when prisoners recoils or organize sit-in from their families, and we all remember the throng visits for the ministers to Roumieh prison after the uprising of April 2, 2012 during the reign of Interior Minister Marwan Charbel and heaps of promises that quickly evaporated.

Prison issue is not an priority of the government and there is no government mechanism to follow up on this humanitarian issue and there is no pressure regulator bodies of complex civil government, so always and always hiding behind the government and the security situation and difficulties.
KRC is calling the government to conduct a transparent investigation of all information contained in the report and to accelerate the development of an emergency plan to deal with the issue of prisons and the process of setting up a mechanism in collaboration with civil society organizations to implement the recommendations contained in the report of the Committee against Torture.
The center also directs thanks to Al Karama Center for Resarch and Sudies to her communication and move this important humanitarian issue.

13/10/2014 Khiam Rehabilitation center For Victims of Torture