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January Monthly Report

Monthly Report for the activities of January 2010
Achieved by Khiam Rehabilitation Center
for Victims of Torture

 The center had implemented a medical, psychological, and a legal day in Nwairy center on 14/01/2010, 14 Iraqi families attended the activity, 20 of them were in need to medical assistance, the center provided for them free of charge and 24 persons had received psychological assistance by 2 psychologists who listen to their problems and gave them advices on how to deal with their psychological problems’, in addition to 15 persons who have legal problems related to their resisdence and their illegal stituation.
 On 22/1/2010 the staff of KRC arranged an activity for the Iraqi refugees' children. The activity included drawings, paintings, and dancing. 37 chlidren whose age are between 3 and 15 years old attended the activity. They expressed their feelings towards the Iraqi ordeal, and how their secue, happy, and stable life turned into a nightmare. They also told realistic stories about their hopes and wishes. At the end of the activity, the staff distributed gifts to the children, and had a little party.
 On 25/1/2010 the center arranged an educational seminar in Nabateyeh on "Reproductive Health" and its importance for women. 35 Iraqi women attended the seminar, and expressed their desire to learn more about the subject through the questions they asked.
 Since 15 November, the center has implemented training sessions to Iraqi volunteers in Commodore Hotel on human rights issues and the refugee's rights, in addition to communicating skills and the possible ways to help the refugees overcome their psychological problems. The trainings ended on 17/1/2010, and all the participants had got certificates.
 On Wednesday 6/1/2010, the center implemented a workshop to its staff on "Integrating the gender equality in KRC work". The workshop included discussions and trainings on the gender, and discrimination against women in our societies.
 On Friday, 8/1/2010, the center implemented a workshop on "Integrating the Gender Equality" to the staff members who are working in this field. The workshop also included trainings on the international laws and standards.
 On 15/1/2010, the center perpared a "play" entitled "Hawamish" in the municipality center of Bourghleyeh village. About 200 villagers came to watch the play which displayed a vivid image of different means of torture and discrimination against women, and revealed the harsh facts of a society that totally ignores the woman's rights, and considers her not more than a tool to satisfy the man's needs. It also spotted a light on discrimination between thy boys and the girls, and how the whole society treats the women on the basis of her beauty, regardless to her qualifications and skills.
 On 23/1/2010 the center organized a meeting with 20 mothers whose children are students in AL-Najah school. The meeting included the possible ways parents can use to avoid violence with their children.
 On 27/1/2010 the center arranged a workshop to the workers in the field of torture and women's rights. The workshop which was entitled "The human (women)'s rights to live without violence" included a discussion of all sorts of torture and violence against women, and how the Lebanese Legislation misjudes woman and mistreat her compared to the international standards.
 On 2/1/2010, a medical seminar entitled "Preventation from Cervical and Breast Cancer" was held in Aita Al Shaab village.
 On 4/1/2010 a medical day in Tripoli/Al Mina was organized to 24 benefeciaries.
 On 9/1/2010 a medical day in Tyre was organized to 20 benficiaries.
 On 11/1/2010 a medical day was organized in Rashaya Prison, in which 29 beneficiaries received medical assistance.
 On 25/1/2010 a medical day in Tabnin prison was implemented.
 Reenovation of KRC website address:

Khiam Rehabilitation Center
for victims of Torture
1 February 2010