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In Women Day: Play, Medal, and a Sit-IN
Women International Day: A play, medals, and a Sit-in

In a special step and on the occasion of the 8th of March “Women International Day” and within the framework of the “Decreasing Women’s Marginalization” project funded by the “Open Society Institute”, Khiam center has organized a series of activities, most notably: Honoring 50 women former detainees that have been tortured in it’s center in Deir Siryan Village.

The celebration was special where the speech of the Secretary-General-Mohammed Safa, calling women to continue the struggle to amend the Lebanese laws and the criminalization of domestic violence and documenting their experience. One of the former women detainees expressing her joy said "I will put the medal on my grave when I die".

In Beirut, at the Babel Theatre a play entitled "Hawamesh" was displayed where more than 400 women and men attended. The scenes were interesting, it was about: discrimination against women - violence - harassment - rape - social traditions - In the final scene woman yelled: We want to raise the age of nursery and the head of the Women's Caucus said: "This play highlighted the women's demands more than a dozen of workshops for women". In the end, everyone shouted want a law criminalizing domestic violence.

The center also carried out in collaboration with "Beit Atfal Al- smoud" a sit-in in front of the headquarters of the "International Committee of the Red Cross" in solidarity with Palestinian women detainees.