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Safa resigns from his job as a teacher and devotes himself to Human Rights Causes
Khiam Rehabilitation Center Secretary General Mr. Mohammed Safa was informed the decree number 2668 signed by the president of the Republic and the prime minister and the minister of Education and Higher Education, and minister of Finance in 30/10/2009 of ending his career as a teacher in the ministry of Education and Higher
Education, upon his own request because the years of his service in the cadre of the ministry of official education for more than 25 years.

Safa announced that he presented his resignation when the fausses montres attrayantes officials at the ministry of education did not fulfill their commitment towards him as for attaching him to one of the ministry’s institutions where they can benefit from his experience in the field of human rights. Mrs Bahia El Hariri, the minister of education had issued a memo for attaching him to the unit of guidance and orientation and when he did, they said to him that there was no place for him there.
Safa said that he will devote himself completely to the battle for human rights and fighting torture and defending the cause of the detainees and the missing and rehabilitating them for integrating them in the society as efficient active members.

Safa confirmed that he would continue the battle he started thirty years ago on the local and international levels in raising the issue of the political detainees and the prisoners of opinion, in the Israeli and Arab prisons, while strengthening the role of the Arab Association for defending the detainees and the role of Aman network, and the cause of prisons will be a priority in its activities.

He emphasized on the fact that torture and violence in prisons and in the society are similar to a contagious disease that must be eradicated and he invited the institutions of the civil society to organize the widest local campaign to strengthen the civil, political, economic and social rights for all the civilians, and exerting pressure on the government to make it ratify new laws against torture and violence in prisons and society.

He invited the new government to constitute the national preventive mechanism for monitoring the prisons and setting exceptional emergency plans for dealing with the situation of Lebanese prisons, and most importantly building modern prisons according to international standards.

On the occasion of Lebanon offering its national report about the situation of human rights in Lebanon to the Human Rights Council in the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva in June 2010. Safa sent an invitation to all the institutions of civil society to participate to the round table organized by Khiam Center on the occasion of the International day on human rights on December 10 2009, in preparation for Lebanon’s official report and the shadow report parallel to it.

He confirmed in the end that his resignation form his job is not a resignation from his battle in the field of human rights and fighting torture and defending justice and human dignity and general freedom.

Beirut, 2/11/2009
Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture